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During the life time of the average vehicle the battery will need to be replaced a number of times. In the past many motorists have chosen to perform this task themselves. Because of the complexities of newer vehicle models, “Do It Yourself” (DIY) battery replacement is getting harder and harder to perform. This is because of the following:

  • Access to the modern car battery is more difficult.
  • Choosing the appropriate battery application is more complex.
  • Identical model vehicles equipped differently can have batteries that appear the same but require different specifications.
  • Many battery manufacturers make different quality batteries for the group size, which often times makes it confusing to the consumer on what the quality differences are.
  • Often times a check up on the starting system or, of the charging system, is not properly performed.
  • Discarding the old battery in the proper location.

With MBS, you’ll never have to worry about any of these issues!

Mobile Battery Solutions even takes appointments for your convenience! For example: Suppose you are picking up a child at school and then dropping them off at soccer practice. The car does not start and MBS is summoned. The car is tested and reveals that the battery is faulty. You have the ability to choose to change the battery out on the spot or, receive a jump start, allowing you to drop your child off at practice and then schedule the MBS provider to show up at a time that is most convenient for you!

It is highly likely that the MBS provider could perform the installation while you are watching practice! You have the choice! You have the convenience! That’s the MBS approach! Giving you better options in choosing Solutions to your battery needs!

For Your Convenience we:

  • Quickly and professionally install the right battery on the spot
  • Install a high quality, low maintenance battery
  • Provide a 40 month free replacement warrantee
  • Provide an additional 20 month add on replacement warranty at a reasonable cost
  • We take away your old battery for free and recycle it
  • Provide and exclusive nationwide guarantee
  • Test your charging system
  • Test the draw on the battery from your starter