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Mobile Battery Solutions

Edge-auto-subpage-hero(1)Mobile Battery Solutions is as the name suggests, a straight forward answer to a continuing problem, The Solution.

Traditional roadside service models, while helpful in getting you out of a your immediate situation, more often then not, won’t solve your vehicle’s problem.

Many times a disabled vehicle, after receiving a jump start, will stop running. This is due to the underlying problem, a bad battery, not being addressed. Half of all jump starts result in one or two more jump starts until the problem is eventually found. This means that most battery boosts end up costing you valuable time by deferring a meaningful solution, or an immediate cure for what ails your car.

When you experience a starting problem MBS has you covered! Whether you need your battery replaced or just need a routine battery boost (jump start), you can rest assured that we will deliver the right Solution every time!

At MBS we triage your call, by asking a few simple questions, at our call center. Once we determine that you would benefit from our service, a MBS Service Vehicle will arrive at your location. Once we confirm at your location, we will then offer you a scope of Solutions previously unavailable in the roadside service industry. We will test your battery at the scene of the problem, confirm the operation of the battery’s charging system and, check the health of the starter. If it’s determined that the health of your battery is the problem, MBS will replace it on the spot with a high quality battery! Complete with a national warrantee!

  • No more secondary jump start issues, we solve your battery related problem the first time!
  • No more securing appointments at the dealership or repair garage!
  • No more spending time in repair shop waiting rooms!
  • No more diagnostic fees or charges!
  • No more installation charges in 99% of the vehicles on the road!
  • No more rearranging your schedule to have your car repaired, the solution is provided when it is discovered, where it is discovered!

Because most testing and installations can be performed within 25 minutes, your day will not be further interrupted by repeat jump starts or, time consuming repair shop scenarios, saving you time, money and inconvenience.